Academic statement

Please provide a concise


statement of your plans for graduate study, you r career goals, and how MSU’s
graduate program will help you meet your career and educational objectives.

Why do you want to study Physics at the
graduate leve


Describe any research experience, including
conferences attended and papers published.

State your area(s) of interest. If you are
undecided, list all areas that appeal to you.

In the future,
I will be a physicist of the most creative scientist. I studied particle
physics, which deals with pure quantum mechanical system, and worked in a
laboratory, which uses extremely strong laser and generates high energy
particles. What I notice from the experiences is that I like to find practical
to objects that I apply theories that I learned and found. Solid state physics
is appropriate for the purpose because it is easily verified by relatively
smaller scale experiments than particle physics and high power laser science as
well as knowledge in particle and laser physics is still effective and useful. Moreover,
recent discoveries such as graphene and super-solid stimulate my curiosity. My
interest is to apply theoretical method to solid state materials and confirm it
from experiments in order to understand their physical characteristics.

My first
research was neutrino phenomenology and particle detector development in
master’s course. In neutrino physics, I studied massive neutrinos and their mixing
parameters. According to neutrino oscillation experiments, the interaction
eigenstates of neutrinos are not the mass eigenstates as well as neutrinos must
have non-zero masses. This mixing is similar structure to but much larger than
that of quark sector. I assumed a model so called “complex quark-lepton
complementarity” and derived the parameters from the model. The model is
based on two ideas. One of them is that theoretical frame explaining quark
sector, Cabbibo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix, is very similar to that of neutrino
sector, Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix. The matrices are factorized to
three elementary rotation matrices(Eulerian rotation matrices) and one complex
phase matrix. The other is that each sum of angles corresponding to the same
elementary matrix in two mixing matrices is almost pi/4. This is called
quark-lepton complementarity model. Because two matrices describe rotations in
3-dimensional complex space, the complementarity can be generalized to 3-dimensional
complex space and one of their eigenvectors can be taken as the axis of rotation.
After taking the axis, we can determine rotation angles of two matrices around
the axis. My argument is two angles have relation similar to Pythagorean
theorem. The relation acts as a constraint to mixing angles, so unknown mixing
parameters can be derived.

In particle
detector project, my task was to design detector chamber and to simulate
current signal obtained by detector circuit originated from high energy cosmic
ray. The chamber was type of multiwire proportional chamber. I made the chamber
design with a computer aided design software. The chamber was operated in
vacuum because high voltage was assigned to multi-wire and poor vacuum might
cause to air breakdown. To obtain simulated signal, thanked to a simulation
code developed by a member in my group, which traced pathes of charged
particles induced by cosmic rays in the field, temporal charge signal was
interpreted as current, which was converted to oscilloscope waveform after amplifier
circuit by circuit simulation program.

The second
research was ultra-high power laser experiment. When I was in Advanced
Photonics Research Institute, I participated in extremely intensive laser
application experiments, which were particle acceleration and secondary radiation
generation. In the experiments, my major tasks were to operate detectors and to
analyse obtained signal. When a target is irradiated by extremely intensive and
short laser pulse, charged particles are accelerated and secondary lights like
water window x-ray and x-ray laser are generated by interaction between laser
and plasma. To distinguish particle species, we developed Time-of-flight
spectrometer and Thomson parabola spectrometer. In the development, I did
assemble, examine, calibrate, and operate the detectors and wrote program code
to diagnose characteristics of particles: energy, current, temperature,
divergence, and spectrum. Another part of my tasks was to produce ultra-thin
film of a few nm thickness to use as laser target. I made the film with
spin-coating method from an organic polymer and multi-layer film of the polymer
and metal with plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition devices. The film was
used as a target to accelerate heavy ions with relativistic kinetic energy. As
a minor part of jobs, I was assistant manager of radiation safety: radioisotope
management and radiation detector monitoring.

As shown above,
I am good at dealing with physical problems by mathematical, computational, and
experimental methods because I have experienced both laboratories of theory and
experiment. Even though portion for me to perform works related to solid state
physics is small, my experience is benefit because when I try to solve a
problem, it will allow me to approach different sight of view to traditional
ways. Hence, I would propose and perform experiments to prove my theories and

All in all, I
was a generalist who is experienced in many fields: particle, plasma, optics,
and nuclear physics and in various methodologies: theoretical, computational,
and experimental researches. Now, I want to proceed a specialized physicist
studying solid state material or heavy ion acceleration. Solid state physics Explaining
my academic objectives concretely, I want to find mathematical structure to
understand matters, to compute its physical properties using computational
tools such as density functional theory if there is no analytic solution, and
to prove it from experiments. My experiences will be helpful to research
because broad experiences should give me creative ideas and solutions for the

Personal statement

Your personal statement should include
information about how your background and life experiences, including social,
economic, cultural, familial, educational, or other opportunities or challenges
motivated you to pursue a graduate degree.

I will be a physicsist. Physics is most
elementary among many fields of natural science. The law of physics affects
everywhere and everything from motion of the universe to culture of the human.
Even though many problems in physics has been solved, there are still many
physics problems to be solved as well. I want to be a physicist to study the

In my early childhood, I was interested in
stars and galaxies in the sky. As growing, I noticed that the physical law of
the universe dominates them, so I chose to study physics because I wanted to
know the law. In Chung-ang university, I found my mathematical talent and majored
in physics and mathematics. I like physics more than mathematics because
physics can be proven by experiments whereas mathematics can not. To study
deeper physics, I entered graduate school for master’s degree of physics. In
the graduate school, I studied both theoretical and experimental physics. This
experience lead me to experimental laboratory, Advanced Photonics Research
Institute. In the institute, I performed various tasks, for example,
installation and operation of particle spectrometer, alignment and diagnosis of
high power laser, and aquisition and analysis of signal data, the results from
which were published to papers and patents.

However, the job assigned to me was just to
assist experiments and I could not take a chance to organize experiments with
my proper idea. I suggested new optimization methods and processes and they
were accepted. Although the suggestion made indeed improvement, it was not evaluated
as my contribution because I was regarded as a technician, which supports senior
researchers. It is not bad to assist researches, but it is more interesting and
exciting for me to lead the researches. I want to propose and perform my proper
theory and experiment.

In order to be an independant scientist, I
need to be trained professionally and to get Ph. D.. I can not be more
passionable than now. My preparation is enough for advanced studying in
graduate school. I can propose my theory and suggest experiment to prove it for
a given physical problem.

신년 다짐


1. 멜로토피아 – 3년째 첫페이지. 무슨 고등학교 물리2 문제집도 아닌것이 진도가 안나가…

2. 대학원 입학 – 가자. 공부하러.

3. 체중감량 – 만인의 로망. 내년엔 60kg으로 나도 몸짱.

4. 피아노 연습 – 이젠 해야하지 않나 하는 위기감.

5. 애인 만들기 – 이미 늦었다. 서두르자.

가볍게 이정도만. 너무 많이 다짐하면 못한다.

창작의 고통

대학원 진학용 자기소개서 쓰는중. 마감은 무려 내일. 그냥 입학시켜주시면 안되는 겁니까. 안되니까 쓰라고 하는 거겠지만.

나는 왜 물리학자가 되려고 했던 것인가. 이에 대해 진솔한 대답은 도저히 공식적으로는 쓸 수가 없기 때문에 나의 열정과 동기를 찾아내기 위해 최근 3년간의 인생을 시나리오로 쓰는 중이다.

왜 물리학자가 되려는가? – 물리 문제를 푸는 것 말고는 할줄아는게 뭐 딱히 없으니까.

물리학이 좋은 이유는? – 어릴적부터 별에 관심이 많았던 학생인 저는 … = 상투적인데 사실이다. 어쩌지.

좋다고 하는 것들

남자가 여자보다 좋다고 다들 남자아이를 낳아버리면 그 남자아이는 고생하게 된다.

2000년에, 밀레니엄 베이비라고 해서 다들 행운을 바라며 아이들을 많이 낳았다. 그 애들 대학갈때 다른 연도에 태어난 애들보다 높은 경쟁률에 허덕이게 된다.

올해도 무슨 흑룡의 해라고 해서 아이들 많이 낳을 기세인데, 그런거 다 피해서 낳는게 그 아이에게 행운을 가져다 주는 길이다.

역발상은 사소한 것에서부터.

그냥 걸었어

119전화에 “나 도지사 김문수인데”라고 자신을 밝히고 전화했다고 한다. 거기에 담당자가 “네, 그러시군요. 용건을 말씀하세요”라고 했는데 거기에 “나 도지사라니까” 라고 말했다고 한다. 그러자 장난전화로 판단하고 그냥 끊었다.

그런데, 상식적으로 생각해보면, 누가 전화를 걸어서 “나는 A다”라는 말만 계속 한다면 그걸 장난전화로 판단하는게 당연한거 아닌가?

게다가 담당자는 “무슨일이냐”라고 물어봤다. 거기에 “나는 김문수다”라는 대답을 한 것은 언어장애다. 자신이 김문수라는 것을 밝히기 위해서 전화한 것인가? 기사에서 다루고 있듯이 암환자 이송체계를 물어보기 위해서 전화한 것인데 그럼 “무슨일이냐”라고 물어봤으면 “암환자 이송체계를 알려달라”고 용건을 말하는 것이 적절한 대답이다. 이것은 초등학교 국어시간에 배우는 내용이며, 대부분의 연애 시뮬레이션 게임에도 등장하는 아주 당연한 내용이다.

119 신고법 안내에는 “119는 화재 신고는 물론 인명 구조, 응급환자 이송 등을 요청하는 번호이다.”라고 적혀 있다. 그럼 화재신고를 하든가, 인명구조와 응급환자 이송을 요청하든가 해야 한다. 암환자 이송체계를 문의하는 것은 적절하지 않다.

응급환자 이송원칙

도지사는 119에 “도발”을 한 것이고, 거기에 “발끈”한 담당자는 “인사조치”를 받았다.

거기에 대해 “장난전화라 하더라도 일단 사실이라 가정하고 응대해야 한다”고 하는데, 장난전화라고 하더라도 일단 뭔가 용건을 얘기해야 응대할 수 있다. 그럼 “나는 김문수다”라는 말을 하고 있는데 거기에 어떤 응대를 하라는 것인가.


논란이 거세지자 인사이동을 취소하고 원래대로 복귀시켰다고 한다. 잘된 일이긴 한데, 이것 또한 문제가 있다. 인사 발령이라는 것이 원칙도 없이 반대 여론이 거세진다고 취소해도 되는 일인가? 처음부터 발령을 지지할만한 근거가 없었다는 소리밖에 안된다.

요즘들어 행정부에서 하는 여러가지 일들이 반대 여론이 거세진다고 해서 취소되는 것 같다. 반대 여론이 거세다고 취소할 일이었으면 애초에 말도 꺼내서는 안된다. 충분한 여론 수렴과 내부 논의를 거친 후 신중하게 제도를 시행하고 일단 시행했으면 철회하는 것 역시 같은 수준의 논의와 여론 수렴을 거친 후에 신중하게 결정해야 한다. 이러니 원칙도 없고 소통도 안되는 정부라는 말을 듣는 것이다.

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